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Company Profile

Established in 1965, Fine Art has grown to be the most respected and largest Custom framing and art supply company in Trinidad and most of the Caribbean.

Fine Art operates a chain of four (4) retail Art and Framing Galleries spread throughout Trinidad, with our head office and factory operation based in Barataria, Trinidad. We manufacture all of the finishes on the range of picture frame mouldings that we offer through our retail chain and this affords us the distinct advantage of being able to customise finishes to suit the requirements of any client’s décor, when the need arises.

Locally, the company has built its reputation based upon its ability to produce quality work, which complimented with our unique style of service, offers our clients the very best in the industry. Our company has over the years successfully completed numerous significant corporate projects. Some of the more recent ones being, Hilton Trinidad, Hilton Hotel Tobago, The Cascadia Hotel, KFC chain of Restaurants, Pizza Boys chain of Restaurants, Bayside Towers and The Crews Inn Hotel. You would also find that many of the pieces presently decorating the walls of corporate offices have been supplied and framed by Fine Art Limited.

On the export front, over the last decade Fine Art has been supplying a range of Finished Picture Frame Mouldings and Photo Frames, as well as other framing supplies, to Custom Framing operations throughout the Caribbean. We have developed alliances with these operations, thereby affording us the strength of a Caribbean Network.

In this light, Fine Art enjoys the following distinct advantages in its ability to serve the Caribbean:

  1. Extremely competitive rates and prices.
  2. Clear understanding of Caribbean Taste and Décor.
  3. A manufacturing operation, small enough to be able to adapt to the requirements and specifications of designers, but big enough to handle most custom framing project.
  4. Alliances with Custom Framing operations and Artists throughout the Caribbean.
  5. Reliable and economical shipping options to all Caribbean islands.

We are confident that we can provide you with the product quality and level of service that your clients demand, as is evidenced by our past and current performances.



History of Fine Art Trinidad Limited

Captain Nigel Heath was born in Lahore, in what is now Pakistan, on February 6, 1930, when half of the world was coloured pink in the Atlases of that time, Nigel Heath was a child of the Raj. His father, George, was a Major in the Indian Army, his mother Phyllis, the daughter of a bandmaster. He died on February 2, 2008 in the UK a country he only really got to know in the last ten or so years of his life.

One morning Nigel spotted a notice inviting applications for pilots for a six-month contract with British West Indian Airways; he only needed to persuade his fiancé, Sonia Rickman, who also worked with BEA, that instead of shivering and coughing in London, six months in the Caribbean would be a great way to start married life. She agreed and so, in 1954, Sonia and Nigel Heath got married, came to Trinidad on a six-month contract — and stayed here for the next 52 years.

Flying is stressful; airline pilots need regular breaks from flying — which leaves them with time on their hands; some devote their spare days to sport, or run a business on the side. Moreover, time off in cities in North America and the UK allows them to make useful business contacts. At one time Nigel and two other pilots got together to operate a Coney Island that travelled around Trinidad. Then as their boys David and Richard were old enough for school, Sonia took up painting as a hobby.

There were no professional framers in Trinidad in those days; Sonia asked Nigel to take her paintings to New York for framing. He did, found carrying them up no problem, but carrying framed paintings back was awkward. “Surely,” he thought, “I could make frames in my small workshop under the house.’” 

He bought books on the subject, haunted the back rooms of framing shops in New York — and framed Sonia’s paintings. Friends admired his frames, asked Nigel to frame their work for them and before he knew it his “hobby” was taking up most of his spare time. To cut a long story short, the framing “hobby” outgrew the space under the house. “Fine Art Picture Framers” opened in Upper Frederick Street in premises now occupied by the Living Water Centre.

Nigel also imported prints and artist’s materials as well as frames for his business. Next he reckoned that he could make his own frames; he rented factory premises, imported machinery, learned the delicate art of applying gold leaf by breath and brush — and taught his employees to do the same. By the time he retired from active involvement in the business, “Fine Art” was exporting frames to other Caribbean islands, and to North America.